Legends of Eisenwald


It is an adventure game with tactical battles, RPG and strategy elements set in the mysterious lands of old Germany. The realistic setting focuses on people, their passions, sins and fears making the player confront with a non-linear story and the importance of choices.

Thanks to this translation we were introduced to Aterdux, a friendly and supportive Belarusian team. The translation made us appreciate the quality and originality of their game.


Toughest challenge: the in-depth research carried out in order to develop a coherent medieval terminology.

We had most fun: discovering the excellent story of an excellent product

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Ghost 1.0

It is a metroidvania adventure game by the creator of the best-selling indie UnEpic, featuring two super hackers who hire a mysterious agent in order to infiltrate a Space Station. In the best tradition of this sub-genre, the game offers hundreds of items, character upgrades, rooms to explore and secrets to be discovered.

This game is a little gem, created by a talented and funny independent developer, Francisco. Our chats on Skype were the icing on the cake of a fun and engaging translation, packed with quotes and references to movies and other games. We were given the chance to work on the localization during the beta-test of the game, in close contact with its creator: the ideal way to do our job.


Toughest challenge: resisting the temptation to stop translating and start playing the game

We had most fun: Participating in the beta test. And Francisco.

Lords of Xulima

This turn-based rpg was released in 2014. It features more than a hundred hours of gameplay and an epic story set in an original fantasy world. The game allows the player to create and customize five characters to accompany the hero on his journey, and help him fight more than 100 unique types of enemies across the continent of Xulima.

It was the first translation we have been paid for, and that’s a milestone event. Even more important, though, while translating we needed the programmers to make some adjustments and they proved to be really helpful and so we understood the importance of communication between developers and translators in order to enhance the quality of the final product.


Toughest challenge: Pronouncing the game title correctly!

We had most fun: dealing with several rhymes and puns. That should be the tough part, but this sort of things are Andrea’s forte.

King’s Bounty: Warrior of the North/Dark Side

Two expansions of the adventure game with tactical turn-based battles and role-playing elements, set in a classic fantasy world. These two chapters of the long saga add new units, items and skills, alongside with more than a hundred new quests.

We waited and waited for Warrior of the North being translated into Italian and in the end we decided to do it ourselves. By translating a game you can appreciate on a much deeper level the lore and, in this specific case, a refined sense of humor and quotes of all sorts. After that, translating Dark Side was just a natural consequence.


Toughest challenge: the sheer amount of text could have been overwhelming hadn’t we dealt with other large projects before.

We had most fun: rendering the strange dialect of the orcs; plunging into a multi-colored fantasy world.

Torchlight 2

This ARPG released on September 2012 is one of the most prominent examples of the hack ‘n’ slash subgenre. It features randomly generated dungeons, and huge amounts of items and monsters. The game had extended modding capabilities, which allowed users to add personal content, such as unofficial translations.

This was our first high-profile localization. Although we worked as amateurs, we focused on quality to deliver our fans a professional-like translation. We even contacted a dubbing team to translate the intro cinematic and the cut scenes.


Toughest challenge: dealing with randomly generated names of magical items, with prefixes and suffixes that have different word order in the source and target language.

We had most fun: spotting and localizing all the Easter eggs, movie and videogame quotes (the game is packed with them!).

King Arthur 2

1Released in January 2012, it is the sequel to the Fantasy/Roleplaying RTS telling the story of the legendary king of Camelot and his Knights of the Round Table. In the main campaign, the player takes over the role of William Pendragon, son of the Once and Future King Arthur. The gameplay blends elements of the real-time tactics, role-playing, and grand strategy genres into one.

This game was a hobbyhorse of ours. The first chapter had been translated by FX while this one was undeservingly neglected. Fundamentally, we translated it for personal pleasure.


Toughest challenge: The long and patient research on the Arthurian Cycle

We had most fun with: The long and patient research on the Arthurian Cycle

The Banner Saga 1 and 2

The first two chapters of an epic Viking trilogy which features long and multi-branched single player campaigns. The gameplay is based on strategic combat and extensive dialogues; every decision the player makes, every conversation and fight has a meaningful effect on the outcome of the unfolding story.

We translated the first chapter for fun, and the developers were so pleased with our work that they hired us for the localization of the second chapter and even paid for the first one. This is really unprecedented! Not only does it mean that Stoic appreciated our translation, but also that they are unusually generous.


Toughest challenge: getting acquainted with the peculiar lore and maintaining a linguistic coherence while localizing it.

We had most fun: distinguishing a character’s speech from another and maintaining that uniqueness.