Ghost 1.0

It is a metroidvania adventure game by the creator of the best-selling indie UnEpic, featuring two super hackers who hire a mysterious agent in order to infiltrate a Space Station. In the best tradition of this sub-genre, the game offers hundreds of items, character upgrades, rooms to explore and secrets to be discovered.

This game is a little gem, created by a talented and funny independent developer, Francisco. Our chats on Skype were the icing on the cake of a fun and engaging translation, packed with quotes and references to movies and other games. We were given the chance to work on the localization during the beta-test of the game, in close contact with its creator: the ideal way to do our job.


Toughest challenge: resisting the temptation to stop translating and start playing the game

We had most fun: Participating in the beta test. And Francisco.